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Will your Computer work on our Online Grants System (Portal)?


  • You must use Google Chrome to access our Grants System.  Click here to download Google Chrome.
  • Click here if you need help downloading Google Chrome.
  • Download our Help Bubbles by clicking here and then click "Add to Chrome".


Grant Guidelines

The Net Proceeds Committee is made up of the 5 Directors listed here and they will consider each application using the following criteria:


  • Cut-off for all applications is the last working day of every month.
  • To be considered an application needs to have had the following completed:
  • Been submitted online using our Online Grants Portal
  • The corresponding Original Grant Request form (automatically generated on the Grants Portal when a request for funding is submitted) needs to have been signed, dated and the original posted or couriered to us, with all the supporting documents arriving at our Offices BEFORE 5pm on the last working day of the month.
  • Please note: the resolution originally included in our Application Process has been incorporated into the abovementioned Grant Request form and is, therefore, no longer required.  
  • Must be supported by at least two competitive quotes or other evidence.
  • The Grant Request needs to fit within our Authorised Purpose


  • At the cut-off date, all correct, completed applications will be put forward for consideration at the appropriate funding meeting.
  • If the complete, signed original application has not been received at our office by the cut-off date, it will not be considered.
  • Please check the Grants Portal regularly from the end of the month (except July, when there is usually no meeting due to financial year end) to track the progress of your Request, as you will be required to accept our Funding Offer (if approved) within a given timeframe (a minimum of two days).
  • You can expect to receive an outcome by month end.
  • Payment is usually processed within a week of the Funding Offer being accepted.
  • There is usually no meeting in July.


Grant Criteria

The following criteria are considered by the Net Proceeds Committee:


  1. The application must meet One Foundation’s Authorised Purpose.
  2. The amount applied for must be available from net proceeds that are available for distribution at the time the application is made.
  3. The application, if approved, must benefit the community.
  4. Where it is apparent that an applicant has received funding from another source for the same purpose, the applicant must repay any portion of the funding that exceeds the total amount required for the stated purpose.
  5. Grants cannot be retrospective (i.e. to reimburse funds already spent).
  6. Grants must not be made on a promissory basis.
  7. One Foundation shall take reasonable steps to ensure that grants are used for the purpose stated by the recipient in the application. Receipts must be submitted to prove that the funds were utilised for the purpose stated on the application.  The Net Proceeds Committee may decline applications for Organisations that have overdue Accountability Reports outstanding.
  8. Applications that would provide pecuniary benefits to its principal officers, employees, gaming machine service contractors, representatives or associated person will not be considered.
  9. Repeat applications that have met and followed the One Foundation rules and guidelines on being granted net proceeds may be considered provided all other criteria have been met.


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